Życzenia wielkanocne po angielsku

As spring comes to the world,
bringing sunshine and gladness...
...this comes to you
bringing wishes for joy.
Happy Easter
Easter’s here with its springtime joy and cheer!
Cherish the beautiful Spring season with the brightest blossoms
in your life and convey your feelings to loved ones
with bunch of our Easter wishes.
You're a springtime kind of person,
and there's sunshine in your smile.
There's warmth in all the gladness you impart.
And here's the special reason
you're so like this lovely season--
It's the springtime that you keep within your heart.
Happy Easter Happy Spring
Easter has a warmer glow,
Spring, a brighter touch,
Because I'm sharing them with you...
The one I love so much.
Easter is a time of love,
of family, and of peace.
 It is a time when we say
a quiet thanks for all
that we have and for all
that the future holds.
Easter is a very special time of year
Filled with laughter, joy and lots of good cheer
Friends and family gather from near and far away
To share the warmth of the season, on this special day
Happy Alleluia, and Easter time!!
colorfull eggs and lamb in basket!
Happy March  fool's day!!
Every knows, what happened on that day,
Approximately two thousand years ago I would say,
Someone who was killed at that time,
Transcending onto our souls - your and mine,
Evoking harmony and peace,
Reedeeming us to live without the sin,